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How much does a website typically end up costing?

-Completed websites typically cost between $850 and $2500 but can cost more depending on features. We will go over these details with you during the no-obligation consultation phase.

How does the payment process work?

-We collect 50% of the overall project cost up front, 25% after initial design and development, and the final 25% immediately before the website launch.

How long does a website take to build?

-Expect for your website to take 25-45 days to build. Some sites, such as those with extensive e-commerce, can take up to 60 days for completion.

Can you upgrade my existing website?

-We can upgrade/change certain aspects of an existing website, but will not warranty or back up any of the work. This is because existing code could cause issues with our changes. Generally we prefer to create a new site or division of a site and code it on our own.

Do I write the content or can you?

-This is entirely up to you. If you have content you would like to include on the website we will gladly use it. If you choose for us to write the copy there may be additional fees.

Do I provide photos and graphics or do you?

-List like the above question, this is up to you. We have access to thousands of professional images, but these typically require licenses to be purchased at an additional cost. We can use your images, but the responsibility for acquiring any licensing is yours.

Do I own the website once it is finished?

-Yes, the website is all yours. If you decide to host your site with ConvienNet and want to move to another company we will package your website and provide it to you one time at no charge.

Is my website backed up?

-Yes (If you host the site with us). Our web servers are located in a reputable third-party center which not only includes 24-7 monitoring and state-of-the-art security, but also daily backups.